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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ashburnham Place... on a lovely sunshine filled day!

I was visiting a very good friend today who introduced me to Ashburham Place.  Whilst this is principally a religious retreat, the Orangery Tea Room is open to visitors.  We had lunch when we arrived.. a very very nice Panini... mine Brie and my friend's Cheese & Ham.. was delish.

After which, we had a stroll around the lakes area  ... the full path was out of action following a weekend event.. but we had a stroll around as much of (one of the) lakes as we could and had views back to the house. The weather was glorious!!

The Sedum was attracting a Tortoiseshell and many bees...... lovely to see.

A view of the Church

a really lovely day and thanks to my friend for introducing me to such a tranquil and beautiful place and for a lovely day..  !! :)

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