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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Historical Kent and Sussex... Scotney Castle, Bayham Abbey and Chartwell

What  a glorious day... after Pete had his hair cut we ventured down the M25 to Scotney Castle.. seemed very appropriate as last time we had visited in the rain and promised ourselves we would go back when the sun shone.... well.... today was that day.

A lat breakfast was a very very nice fruit scone!! Congrats to the baker of Scotney Castle .. one of the best..

A reunited Messrs. Ponders and Quacks

A thatched Ice House.. and recently in 2014 it was re -hatched..

A Henry Moore Sculpture..

A great visit.  And by now only late morning, so as Bayham Abbey ruins were nearby - we headed off on a mission of discovery..

and as the day was still very young, we headed off for  NT Chartwell... a favourite....

and so glad to see Jock of Chartwell - and although he was constantly on a mission, it was great to see him after all this time :D

and a late lunch - a fruity scone.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Wonder how Henry Moore feels about the chunky curves of his work bering augmented by a knitted mallard?

Wilma said...

You took full advantage of all the glorious sunshine! Great photos.

Tricia Ryder said...

Simon - Given my passion for Henry Moore and my duck, then Mr Moore should be honoured :)

Thanks as usual Wilma... it really was a glorious day :)

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