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Friday, 11 September 2015

Winkworth Arboretum and a very brief visit to Nymans

A day of waiting to hear if my car was going to be ready to collect from the garage so coudn't go far afield.

Had a wander this morning at Winkworth.. still very warm for September and some sunshine

Signs of a fruiting Autumn

Lots of fungi..

a rather jaded.... holly blue(?)

More signs of autumn

Stopped for a scone for lunch... it was excellent.. always have good ones at Winkworth!!

Home for awhile then got the heads up to collect the car.  Wasn't going to be ready for a bit so as Nymans is not far from the garage I popped in.

Was thirsty and by now my morning scone was far far away so I had a drink and a fruit scone.  Another good one but perhaps the Winkworth scone had the edge today..

Had about 20 mins so just walked throught the Rose Garden and circuited the house.....

Then off to collection the car...

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Wilma said...

Mr. Ponders sure gets around, and to some lovely places!

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