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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Clandon House - after the fire - a personal cartharsis?.. then... Polesden Lacey

Today was one of the open days of Clandon House which was gutted by fire on Wednesday 29 April... and strangely it feels just like yesterday when I heard about the fire on local and national news.  Today was the first of a few days when Clandon will be open to visitors before the house is clad in scaffolding.

The day started with grey skies.. and as I stood and looked at the house I felt so sad... all that history, care and loving attention, literally gone up in smoke.  It may sound ridiculous but as I stood there looking at the house there was a lump in my throat.

As I put together this blog post, I am in tears.  Was visiting Clandon today the trigger for a reaction to my Mum's passing three weeks ago tomorrow? Added to this some inconsequential (by comparison) news today I could have done without!! I don't know... but as I type this I am in tears... I've shed some for seconds over the last few weeks... perhaps today is the day everything catches up with me!

I really hope that Clandon can, in true Phoenix style, rise again from the ashes.. all that history in it's fabric and contents... let's keep everything crossed that this is the case.. onwards and upwards as we say!!

A short visit and then, as Polesden Lacey was so close I had an impromptu visit...

Despite the huge field they are in.. the cows all huddled together


I was hungry when I arrived.. so indulged in a cream tea... back to normal next week

They were still huddling on my way out!

A strange day but ended in sunshine..


Wilma said...

I can understand the trigger for your tears. I still get blindsided by tears for my Mother, even these 3+ years after she died, triggered by things that at first don't seem related at all. But deeper reflection shows a link that my subconscious mind picked up on. Strangely, the tears have become almost a comfort, reminding me that she is still present in my heart. My thoughts are with you.

Tricia Ryder said...

Wilma.. thank you for your kind thoughts.. I don't feel quite so alone now.. and yes.. odd triggers and totally unpredictable I find...

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