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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A wander in a local town

Had an appointment in town this morning so set off to catch an early train.

Stopped for a coffee when I got there and Frank enjoy his ;)

The sun was shining so I went for a wander in parts of the town I don't normally visit.. no particular reason for this.

So en route to the local church... the thing that strikes me most about this town is the amount of trees and greenery.. and I'm all for that!

The road leading to the Church

The Church is currently undergoing roof repairs.  The roof is made, mainly, from Horsham Stone which is virtually indestructible so its wooden beams and other parts of the roof which are in need of replacing.

and then discovered the Memorial Gardens behind the church

 A wander back and a colourful azalea peeping over the wall..

A pleasant wander.

I did some necessary food shopping and finally left for the train.  There had been an 'incident' further up the line so the trains were a bit delayed.. good job I wasn't in a hurry.... the Station staff were very helpful to all of those who had to get off one  train as it terminated prematurely

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