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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Borde Hill Gardens... glorious day

Borde Hill Gardens is a marvellous garden and many magnolias are out at this time of the year; unfortunately most of them had already gone over given the relatively warm few days we've had this late winter/early Spring

However, lots of colour everywhere.. the sun was out when I arrived

Billie & Frank sat enjoying the sun..

Sunbathing by the fountain..

We sat in the Italian garden and cogitated on life ..

There's an Easter promotion involving ... Easter Bunnie.. one posing for pics today but the sun went missing..

"Can't see any honey in this pot" said Billie and Frank

I was now getting pecking and hints were being dropped..

Waiting for lunch.. just lovely in the sun.

I wandered off for another short walk and saw this in the next door field!!

Just sat here for a while enjoying the sun and view...

Gorgeous day...

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

How lovely it is, and very pink!Darn bears will nearly lost down that pot though!

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