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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Hatfield Forest..when the end of visit was not what I was expecting

Twas the hottest day of the year, 9 April.  I was going elsewhere later, having decided with Pete where we were going.

So I went off early, solo, for a wander round the Forest.. it was glorious.. (pics below) and I did see a Bullfinch... the pic was awful so didn't publish it... :)

HOWEVER, on my way out I tripped over a tree root, fell forwards and fractured the  humerus of my right arm.

As I type this a few days later, I still can't type easily or very fast, so here is Pete's account

I'm going to be going on hols in 5 weeks ish, and today I went out with my camera .. with success, so that's that box ticked then.  I have every intention of getting on that plane!!

Clarence (on the left - housemate of Mr. Quacks) and Fido... enjoying an alfresco breakie..

and further round the late, I fell.. so that, was that, as they say


oldcrow61 said...

I read Petes account. What a fabulous fellow he is. And, I have to mention our dear Trev as well. lol Hope you get better quickly.

Pete Duxon said...

I am fabulous thank you OC :)

Trish? silly cow :)

Roy Norris said...

I am sorry to here that Tricia, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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