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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Birds... at Widewater Lagoon and Arundel WWT

at a loose end today.. had a wander at Widewater Lagoon.. the lone Knot wasn't about

Little Egret


Couple of Redshanks about

and a vessel not far off shore

Then onto Arundel WWT...

I THINK this might be a chaffinch and the best view of it I could get... but... there's something about the head that suggests something else???

and a couple of Coots that went to war with each other!!  the fight went on for about 10 minutes

The sunshine was glorious but the strong wind was bitingly cold!!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I think your chaffinch might be a male brambling!

Tricia Ryder said...

ah thanks Simon.. far more like a Brambling!! the head colouring, apart from anything else, is wrong for Chaffinch..!!

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