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Monday, 15 January 2018

RHS Wisley... flutters in the rain

Met a friend at Wisley today.. it was blowing a gale and torrential rain.

We headed off for the Glasshouse for some butterflies.

Needless to say the light was awful, but nonetheless..

Hmmmm .. he didn't dare blink :D ..

and flutters never pose with the best of backgrounds..

in the glasshouse a robin was singing and giving it all..

We had a sandwich and a cuppa and a long chat over lunch..

Some lovely sculptures.. just wish the light has been better to do them justice..

Even the Mallards looked fed up with the weather..


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I wish there was a butterfly house near here but I don't think there is

Tricia Ryder said...

Simon, it's not a permanent butterfly house. Each January RHS Wisley has flutters in the Glasshouse... and the types seem to vary a bit each year. Good to see though...

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