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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Claremont Gardens... and a brief appearance of the sun!!

Local weather forecast was awful but further north it promised to be much better.  I headed off to Claremont Gardens....

I'd been driving in rain and very wet roads, but as I got nearer into the next county, the roads were dry and the sky (relatively!!) brighter

It was mild and good to just wander... very few people about today..

Camellias blooming beautifully

and I saw a very fast moving Goldcrest..  dreadful picture but ... evidence :)

A black-headed gull getting its summer plumage!!

A pit stop for lunch; had a couple of scones today... quite hungry and the scones seemed smaller that usual..

Cheery Winter Aconites..

Had another walk.. and the clouds started to clear.. and smatterings of blue sky and

unbelievably ... sunshine!!

and with that I headed off home.. about a third of the journey back I drove into very wet roads and rain.. again...

it's still raining as I type this!!

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