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Monday, 19 February 2018

Visit to a relatively local Church on a grey day

Very domestic day today.. and weather grey and damp albeit reasonably mild at 10 degrees C.

I've just bought a new lens specifically for, in the main, low light conditions & indoor shots.  So off to the nearby town, and a visit to the town church, St. Marys

I like the streets that leads to it with quirky houses, and the church interior is just lovely.

Good to get out for a bit for something peaceful and colourful on a grey winter's day.

1 comment:

David Gascoigne said...

Beautiful structure. We sure invested a few bucks on religion over the years didn’t we? I have always been stunned and dismayed on visits to South America (it’s true elsewhere too) over the years where you see opulent churches and cathedrals, filled with riches, with fat ass well-fed priests while poor people live in squalor in the barrios. It is, to put it mildly, disgusting.

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