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Friday, 23 February 2018

Walk on the Beach and birds at Arundel WWT

Went walking on the beach with my daughter and her dog this morning.  Despite the sun, the wind was bitter!!  We had it behind us initially but on our return the easterly wind cut into us... not pleasant.

WE had a bite to eat in a local cafe, before I left and headed off to Arundel WWT.
I was hoping to see the Firecrest but it didn't show.  A Goldcrest kept us entertained for some time but would not come in to (photographable) view.

One of the two Water Rails did however... pity it stayed to far away..

As did a Grey Wagtail who stopped by ... briefly

These two Mute Swans were separated by a chain link fence and were trying to get to each other

And in the 'captive' section, a family of four were dozing..

More activity from the Collection birds..

and a nice posy Blue Tit on the way out


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

lovely set of photographs there!

Tricia Ryder said...

thank you Simon!!!

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