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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Parham House & Park .. with a few Triumphs

Had some boring shopping to do this morning, then headed off to Parham House which is open again after the winter closure.

First thing I saw.. a Swallow building a nest; I gather they've been there for two or three days.. just lovely

and next,  a Red Kite being mobbed by 2 crows.

There was a gathering of Triumph cars enthusiasts.. some of the models I could easily have driven off in...

Swallows nest.. under construction..

Wisteria... should be bursting into flower soon..

Billie loves spring flowers, ... as I do..

and a Red Kite circling high.. stood and watched for several minutes.. wrong camera for birds today.. but..

on the way out... saw an Ice Cream van.. and oh.... Billie suggested Strawberry.. I didn't argue

That'll do nicely thank you...

as I walked through the cars to find mine.. I discovered these two.. patiently waiting for their family to return to the car..

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I do love to see older cars at these rallys - rather more character than today's vehicles. OK, they belch out tons of emissions though!

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