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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Sherborne Castle and Abbey

I woke this morning to thick fog.... ah well.. the forecast promised better later.

After breakfast and a long chat with Jim ... I headed off for Sherborne Castle.
This mist was still there when I arrived but it was getting better.

A general wander near the Castle to start with..

These Mallards are obviously used to being bed.. these were just a few of those who literally ran to me as I walked towards them..

and a solitary male Mandarin Duck.. I was advised that there is a female around..

Views over the lake.. there were at least 2 pairs of Great Crested Grebes about and one pair displaying.. but too far out for my camera..

I went into the Castle.. no pictures permitted.. the rooms were lovely and definitely worth visiting

It was brighter by the time I came out of the a wander around the lake.

There is a female Mallard underneath this group of competing males... poor female!!

Two male Mallards having a fight!!

"OK then, where's MY picnic" ??..

 By now I was getting peckish so I visited the Castle cafe for a bit to each.

a Scone and a cuppa...

and a final view of the Castle before I headed off

and from there, a short drive away is the town of Sherborne and its Abbey

When I came out the sun was shining and it was beautifully warm.. so I had a wonder through the town..

A very pleasant last day.. tomorrow homeward bound.. the forecast ... RAIN!!

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