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Friday, 11 May 2018

and a final goodbye to Mum..

Today, another milestone and the final one!

We finally sold Mum's home today; a place she and Dad had lived for over 30 years.. in a lovely West Sussex village.  The sale (which had been going on for a year, with many ups and downs) has finally completed today.

A place where they'd both been happy!

A place where I visited so many times in my life and whilst I'd never lived there.. I'd visited so many times.. that to me, it was my second home. I'd stayed there often.  Mum and I had shared many happy times there.. and started off on many hols together from there after Dad died.

A place where my nephew had visited from when he was about 3 years old.. and now in his twenties. A village where my brother had lived.. 'just round the corner' with my nephew, for a few decades.

So many memories; of Mum, such a courageous lady.. and someone I love very much!!

So much family history.  memories of family Christmases with my son and daughter, and, in time, my grandson.. with a coal fire burning where we had Christmas lunch..

So much emotion.. when I finally locked the door for the very last time yesterday. with a rather large lump in my throat... an end of an era.

 It will seem strange to pass through the village and not stop there... but the memories will always remain...

I just wish the new occupants every happiness in a much loved home.... and hope they will create the most amazing memories as well as they live their lives there...

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