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Monday, 14 May 2018

Locorotondo, Masseria Torre Coccaro and Savelletri

We set off this morning with grey skies and cool enough to neat a light jacket.  It didn't bode well weather wise but, as the day grew longer, the clouds cleared, the sun shone and it got hot!!

We started with a visit to Locorotondo... and to the old town.  Which is very pretty and charming... purported to be the prettiest village in Italy..

It takes about 10 minutes to walk from one end of the town to the other - that said to give an indication of size.  So off for a wander.

This is the archway that leads you into the old town..

San Giorgia Chiesa - some pictures of the interior follow on ..

Walked to the Villa Comunale which is a small public garden... nothing small about the view from the gardens!!

and then a stop in a lovely cafe .. the two ladies I was with had coffees but I succumbed to a (coffee) Fredo - I can't find its full name but will update in due course... although Massimo, Percival & Burano needed no explanation in helping to consume it

Having left Locorotondo, we stopped along the road to take some pics of the town... showing it's height on the hills!!

A further drive for lunch.  This was at the Masseria Torre Coccaro.  "Masseria" means a fortified farm.  This is now a hotel!! .. and in a very beautiful spot. 

The fortified farm house!! 

and the tiny chapel

This is a huge olive growing area.. some of the olive trees are mostly 700 - 800 years old... and those over 1,000 years old have a small white disc.. and are tracked following incident where one was dug up ... roots and all, for a decorative feature in someone's garden !!

Inside the small chapel (built in 1735)..the row of seats were only 3 deep!!

and this is the kitchen garden.... rows of wonderful vegetables lined with rose bushes.

The lavender was full of butterflies!!! I couldn't get close enough for any decent pics

and then inside for a wonderful buffet lunch... all of which was locally produced and it was delicious.  There was one plate of salami.. other than that, the many dishes were entirely vegetables... some of which were new to me

a glass of Prosecco to accompany the lunch

and the sun finally came out and it was HOT!!

Erm? a bed?... not what you expect to find

 A lizard..that wouldn't pose!!

and we then said goodbye to this wonderful place to go back to the hotel.  We stopped briefly at Savelletri for a view of the harbour

oh it would have been wonderful to have a paddle.

A great day out.... and tomorrow... something entirely different!

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