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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Martina Franca and Alberobello

Today the sun shone again - and it was beautifully warm.. it clouded over on the afternoon but soon lifted again

Today we started with a visit to Martina Franca... the old town is really lovely and arriving early-ish there were few people about to begin with

There is currently a Picasso exhibition.. so various quotes of his were posted around the town.

We stopped for a coffee first

and saw a Humming Bird Hawkmoth while sitting at the cafe

So next stop was at the lovely Basilica San Martino

and then a wander around the town

 a very tiny chapel

Back on the coach for a short drive to Alberobello - the town of Trulli Houses.

Amazing sights but quite a touristy town.. so far towns have been quite quiet which has been nice.

Had lunch and then up the hill into the Trullo Church

and then a meander around the rest of the town

One of the houses was open..they are so tiny and were very primitive

and then back to the coach and to the hotel

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