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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Monopoli ... my last day in Italy... for this holiday ..

A wander around the hotel grounds to start the day...

Several Painted Ladies today...

nd then off for the last day out of the hols.. to Monopoli.. a coastal town of the Adriatic sea.the weather was glorious

The Castle.. on a small peninsula called Turris Paola, in the old town, is the castle.. on three sides it is surrounded by the sea, and the fourth used to be a moat

A coffee with a view..just lovely... this was Caffe "Leccese" (coffee & almond milk) .. the espresso is hot and poured over the ice and cold almond milk... I rather liked it..

and then a visit to the Basilica of the Madonna of Madia

There was a wedding taking place so I was limited in the pictures I could take of the beautiful interior

Bicycle hire!!

I stopped here for lunch.. a lovely fish restaurant...

and a further walk around the town

Back through the colourful harbour..

We stopped here for an ice cream

and then time to say goodbye to Monopoli

On the journey back to the hotel, we stopped to look down over the general area of Fasano

Below is the zoo.... which is the largest in Italy where the animals have large enclosures

A great day out to end an enjoyable holiday


bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

Lovely images from your trip, very enjoyable.

I have spotted your deliberate mistake and claim my £5 reward!!!

(Yesterdays report was headed Saturday 19th May 2018, seeing into the future now).



Tricia Ryder said...

Many thanks Maurice and so good to see you again.
I've now amended to indicate accurate date of visit.. I was late in publishing my blog!!

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