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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Cotehele.. revisited

21 years ago today my grandson was born, in Cornwall.. and today I am also in Cornwall.
I was going elsewhere this morning, but the road I needed had heavy queing traffic due to an accident.. so plan B.

I'd really been waiting for some better weather, but seems it may not happen, so today.. off to Cotehele.

I first visited Cotehele in October 2011 with Pete and have to say the weather was better then than it was today.

I started at the top with a wander round the gardens..

Swallows were nest building..

and given it started to rain, time to head for a visit to the house..

a cream tea for lunch!!

and the resident cat joined me!!

and then down the steep hill to the Quay at the bottom for a wander..

and then a walk to the flour mill

A lady was preparing to bake something involving fruit.. Fido was keen to help

a wander back to the Quay

When I got back to where I'm staying.. the sun came out!!! first time since I got here!!

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Ah Ponders! Where other mallards are now looking a bit past their best, he stays fine!

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