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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Another sunny day

Today we had another Indian Summer day and I went down to Sussex to take Mum out. There were various places to go, but Mum chose Wakehurst Place - somewhere she's been wanting to go for a while. Whilst Wakehurst is owned by the National Trust it is managed by, and maintained for, the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew - Wakehurst being Kew's country cousin.

We spent a time just walking about the gardens looking at some of the beautiful views. It's quite hilly in places so, having a wheelchair to manage, some areas were off limits for us. One of these being the Loder Valley Nature Reserve. Wakehurst limits its visitor numbers to 50 per day in order to lessen the impact on wildlife. Getting down to the valley would be prohibitive for a wheelchair however.

Had a pleasant lunch and wandered a bit more in the afternoon. We came across butterflies and bees who were enjoying the plants still, in the walled garden.

Later on, having come to a viewpoint looking down into a valley, we noticed some Pheasants. Then I realised (when a group of people had left) that there were several smaller birds about: very many Chaffinches, blue, great and coal tits and a robin singing high up in a tree. Also saw either a marsh or willow tit - couldn't identify it from the fleeting glance I had.


oldcrow61 said...

What beautiful places you get to visit. All the pictures are amazing.

Baker Watson said...

I can see you had a good day and I'm sure your Mum did also. Great photo's. And such wonderful weather.


Carin Fuchs said...

I wonder what the Chaffinch is lecturing the Blue Tit about?

I confess: I don't like pheasants that much but its plumage IS incredibly beautiful. Must be a hell of a textile designer to produce something so brilliant and iridescent as that!

I'd like to be able to jump into your pictures and enjoy the sun just once more and say finally farewell to summer.

Tricia said...

OC - thanks. I do consider myself very lucky to have so much around me :)

Baker - thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comment. Mum had a great time!

Carin - the Chaffinch does seem to be giving the Blue Tit a right telling off!!

I agree about the colours and markings on the pheasant - isn't nature such a wonderful designer.

mick said...

You always have great photos but the ones on this post I think are exceptional! I especially liked the ones of the lake with the tall feathery grass heads - don't know what you call them but I know them as 'pampas' grass.

Tricia said...

Mick - thank you! And yes - we know the grass as Pampas Grass too.

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