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Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Great Escape

I realise that I haven't posted anything to my blog since Monday. I may be suffering from Blogger's block - a new(ish) complaint which, from my observations, fellow bloggers suffer from at one time or another. This can be just a blip or, in some cases sadly, a halting of blogging altogether for one reason or another - and those to whom this applies are missed.

There's something about the cessation of summer (well almost) and a reluctance to acquiesce to the idea of Autumn starting (not that Autumn is at fault here, far from it), for what it's presence implies.

Having been cooped up most of the week, I decided fresh air and exercise was needed in good measure to restore the spirits, so I headed off for the Great Escape - Bushey Park. The other motive for this venue - I wanted to check the progress of the impending Deer rut!

Needless to say, my legs refuse to function normally on a walk unless I have a camera slung over a shoulder so despite the sun (which wasn't shy when I left home) disappearing for the rest of my walk, I managed to get some shots.

Starting off by the Boating Pond which, if you took away the Jackdaws, Canada Geese, Moorhens, Mallards, Black-headed Gulls and Feral Pigeons you wouldn't be left with much else except for a Grey Heron and some Red-headed Pochards.

A Grey Heron who didn't appear to have transgressed (in that no fish were observed in its beak) so may have benefitted from reading the notice just below him!

Up on a tree stump, a Jackdaw observed me with an imperious look!

Further around the pond, a clump of fungus was growing at the base of a tree

Next sighting was a small group of Red Deer Hinds with a couple of youngsters.

I was then aware of the "roaring" of Red Deer Stags and discovered, much to my delight, a very handsome chappie complete with his harem of 20 plus hinds. He was certainly making his presence felt.

By now I was the other side of the road and somewhat thankful - the Stag gave me a parting glare and I didn't hesitate to resume my walk.

I heard two other Stags roaring, so it would appear that the rut has now started. Watch this space......

Wandering along a path next to one of the many streams, I hadn't seen this Grey Heron - but it saw me and decided that the branch of a tree was safer territory.

Finally, on my return to the car I came across a very young Grey Squirrel; who'd rather adopted a gentleman out for a walk. No fear was shown by the squirrel (or the gentleman either!) as the youngster decided that trouser-clad legs were made for climbing.

Having got some shots, I then knelt to get a different angle. This was the wrong thing to do; young squirrel decided my leg was for climbing - when it managed to get up above my knee I, feeling decidedly nervous, decided that enough was enough and had to encourage him to return to ground level. He then followed us for a short way before finding something of greater interest!! Phew - sharp claws.

Well - not too bad a day after all.


Pete said...

love that Squirrel!

Liz said...

That Squirrel has to be the cutest thing...

A little worried though that it's on the ground at such a young age.

mick said...

Those are great photos of the Grey Heron - the 2nd and 5th in the series are special!

Joe said...


Those pics are fantastic. Sounds like you had a good day. I'd love to get some good pics of herons like yours.

Red deer are fantastic and they are animals I'd like to see at some point.

Good work!

oldcrow61 said...

I know what you mean by writers block. One day seems to run into another doing the same things so nothing interesting to write about, at least for me. The pictures are just wonderful. I love the deer pictures and the squirrel is just the cutest!

Richard said...

Great pictures especially the squirrel. It really is a young one. Know what you mean about the block...I've hit it also. Time for a short vacation from blogging.

Tricia said...

Thanks to you all.

Liz - no sign of Mum nor Dad anywhere..

swatson said...

the sqirrel on the mans shoe is just brilliant as are all your beautiful photographs

spd said...

Squirrels eh! I do love them but this cheeky one reminds me of my encounter in the Botanical gardens in Durban RSA. They had no fear at all as locals sell peanuts to feed the cute little things....or so i thought until one raced up my bare leg and launched itself onto a tree and proceeded to tut at me loudly. I like to think that i was just a handy leaping pad and not that my legs resembled tree trunks!
Love the piccies mum especially the heron!

Tricia said...

Thanks SPD :)Always pleased when you pop in.

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