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Friday, 19 September 2008

Oooh - out in the sun.

I'm becoming obsessive about being out in that rare commodity called - the sun! And today was no exception. Having given my daughter a lift this morning, the burning question was - where to this afternoon? Time was limited and it's Friday, which means heavier traffic. So it was off to Polesden Lacey which is a local National Trust garden. The last time I had been was back in February - my - where does time go to.

So as I had taken pictures of the buildings, today I tried to vary my subjects - haven't quite succeeded though.

Had a really good walk in the more natural areas of the garden. The final question - do I stop for a cuppa and a piece of cake? OR do I try to avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic? Well (unusually) the practical part of me won over the more romantic part and I decided to head for home - only choice to make really.... (but they do have really nice cake in their restaurant!!!.........)

The view on first entering the garden

Turning left, and away from the house, we walk along a large grassy area which has some wonderful trees on the left hand side. This area is where open air concerts are held.

Having walked for some way and then turned right, we come down an incline to this rather imposing creation! This is one end of a very long terraced walk

which has magnificent views over to Ranmore Common

and with the pillars behind us the long walk is now ahead

and on reaching the other end, we look back to where we've just come from

Continuing our long walk we finally come out at the bottom of a long grassy hill where, looking upwards, we now see the house

Keeping the house on our right and continuing to walk along the bottom edge of the lawn, we come to a more wooded area. Here is a stone bath (complete with seat and plug hole inside) and

these two standing guard on either side.

and then, around a large tree, this statue comes into view.

Our next point of interest, is the thatched bridge

Having walked over the bridge, at the end of a long grassy walk, we discover a thatched seat.

Continuing through the woods, we have glimpses to the hills beyond

and we retrace our footstep through the thatched bridge. The Virginia Creeper starting to cover the thatch, proclaims vividly that Autumn is not far away.

Prior to returning to the main walk, I popped in to the former "working" part of the garden - and came across this - hope it's never needed :)

Having walked through the woods, we now come out into the more formal part of the garden - in this case, the walled rose garden of which this is one corner

June is the main month for roses, so I was pleasantly surprised that there were still some in bloom and I could enjoy their scent.

Walking back now towards the house, we come to this area. Mrs Greville died in 1942 and is buried in the grounds. I, being somewhat vertically challenged, couldn't see over the hedge very well; but this is Mrs. Greville's tomb. She bequeathed Polesden Lacey to the National Trust as a memorial to her father.

Looking along the side of the house out towards Ranmore Common again.

Our journey almost complete now, it was lovely to have the brilliant colour of some berries and flowers along the way..

An enjoyable walk in some gloriously warm sun
(and not too much traffic on the way home - oh how sensible I was - groan!!)

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