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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Catching up again

This week I've had a very good friend staying with me and we've been out and about. I've also not had time to visit many of my fellow bloggers' blogs - I will catch up with you all in due course.

The weather's not been good at all but, some days the rain held off but it's been very dull and cloudy. As a result I haven't really been out with the camera.

We did visit the RHS Wisley gardens, where there was a sculpture exhibition. Some of the sculptures caught my attention, and I photographed a selection. Regrettably, not as many of those that I liked; it's all very well taking a spare battery - but it helps considerably if said spare battery is fully charged!

The Views

The Plants

In the Glasshouse

The Sculptures

Clever placing of this sculpture

I really like this one

Some I like a great deal, others - well they're different!

A great week and many thanks to my friend for making it so.


oldcrow61 said...

Wow, those sculptures are fabulous. I'm drooling here.

swatson said...

Tricia again what can I say.The flowers in the glass house are fabulous and I love the sculptures of the otters and the fish on a bike.I have been trying to leave comments for a while but just sussed out how to do it.Sheila

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