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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Pottering locally

Just a shortish outing this afternoon - the sun struggled to come out but managed it for about five minutes.

Started off at (the National Trust) Claremont Landscape Gardens. Lots of waterfowl about; in particular Greylag Geese of which there were in excess of 40. Red-crested Pochard getting their winter colours back and three Chiloe Wigeon (no picture). The gardens provide a home for a large flock of white Doves who, for me, are too much like pigeons to get really excited about. However, they are quite photogenic.

White Dove

Greylag Geese

Red-crested Pochard

Cones forming on the conifers

and the Rushes at the lakeside going over to seed

the roses have ceased to flower but leave the red hips behind them

and the conkers are safely wrapped up in the prickly outer skins

Moved a little way down the road, and had a wander around Black Pond on Esher Common. Not much at all in terms of wildlife, but the flowers were very much showing signs of Autumn and the bracken was definitely turning from green to brown.

Pink Heather giving way to seed

One or two flowers about; these, in the summer were host to many bees

and when they go to seed they still have an attraction with their "fleecy" look seeds

Not the most exciting of trips out, but I had some fresh air and much needed exercise so that, in itself, was enjoyable.

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oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful pictures as always.

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