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Thursday, 18 September 2008

More autumnal signs

Having only the morning free I had a wander through Bushey Park. I started in the Woodland Gardens as I wanted to see if the Kingfisher was about - and no he wasn't.

In the Woodland gardens the usual culprits were about:
The Cape Teal (Anas capensis) is till there; I spotted him first back in early March

Male Mandarin duck now with his winter plumage

and Mrs. Mandarin

I'd noticed driving into the park that the Red Deer were very near the road. Whereas outside of the rutting season the stags tend to stay either on their own or in groups, today there were some stags with a group of females and young.

When coming out of the gate of one set of gardens and into another, I could hear sounds of splashing water. This was a stag seemingly having a great time sloshing about in the water. When he had finished his bathing he stood up and "roared". This is a rather throaty sound the stags make during the rutting season.

I suppose given we're about to start the last week in September and the rut really gets going in October, it is not surprising that the first signs are there.

A further indicator of September and autumn is the fungus growing on this tree:


Pete said...

ooh the deer are good. told hugh? :))

mick said...

Really great series of photos of the stag. The Mandarin Duck is handsome - I especially like the front-on look you got!

Goosey said...

Those deer pictures are so good, and the fungi are wonderful at this time of year. Lovely photos. I gather from your comment on my blog that you may be in the same job as me, am I right, Tricia?

Tricia said...

Pete - thanks, and yes :D
Mick - the mandarin seemed to be daring me to photograph him
Goosey - I've left a comment on your blog - tis not me but my daughter.

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