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Thursday, 13 August 2009

All change..

I shall catch up on posting in a few days time but at the mo I have a very good friend staying with me and we seem to have been rather occupied in going out and about; so no time for blogging or being on the net very much. We had a great evening out yesterday and tried a new restaurant in the locality - Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant. We skipped the starter and I had Prawn Linguini with chilli - which was excellent; whilst my friend had Asparagus, Ricotta and Pecorino Tagliatelle, which was yummy too. We finished with a selection of Chocolate, Lemon & Vanilla Italian ice cream with honeycomb and "drizzled" chocolate source. To drink? very abstemious I was driving and my friend having to avoid alcohol for a few days, wine was out of the question so we had a nice little Elderflower - sigh!

On Monday I changed Broadband, phone and TV over to Virgin. The installation seemingly went smoothly but I now have a problem with my PC. During the Broadband installation (speed of 9.98 mbps now!) the engineer (as a result of something I mentioned) decided I might have a virus in Internet Explorer (I never use it); he download a piece of software, which he then ran. This found a trojan and three infected files which the programme then quarantined. I've now got a problem with the PC. I'm not happy!!!

But that's enough for now. I apologise to all my fellow bloggers that I follow - I might not be leaving comments at the mo. but I'm trying to read your blogs as usual. Normal service will be resumed at the weekend.

That's all for now except to say - where's the sun gone?


mick said...

Nothing worse than computer or internet problems. Hope you get everything sorted out soon.

Midmarsh John said...

I think I know where your Sun has gone but I plead the 5th amendment :)

Sorry to hear you have caught Keith syndrome - PCs can be a pain in the ****! Do you run something like AVG to catch viruses and trojans. The free version seems to work very well.

Sound like you have been having a good time, especially on the meal front - a good job you walk so much looking for all those Aww photos :)

ShySongbird said...

What a pain these 'puters can be sometimes, hope you get it sorted out soon. The meal sounded delicious! I'm not a big lover of sea food so your friend's dish would have done me very nicely. We went for a meal at a pub last night with relatives, the food wasn't particularly memorable, I quite enjoyed the duck until I was reminded that 'You were only photographing ducks a few days ago!' :(

avalon said...

Wow your meal sounds wonderful, nice to have some company too x
Sorry about the computer though!!! what a pain

holdingmoments said...

I see I'm not alone with a problem pc. You have my sympathies Tricia.

Warren Baker said...

See you soon Tricia, dont be too long or you'll miss the migrants!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, yummy meal! Bad news about the PC. Hope that gets fixed soon.

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you're having a great time with your friend. Hope you get the pc sorted soon.

Anonymous said...

Not more food. {:)

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
I hope that your computer problems will be solved quickly! And concerning the sun, well the autumn will be there soon with its beautiful light and colours... The summer is almost gone, at least it is partly gone in Iceland, rainy day today!

karen said...

Sorry to hear of your computer probs Tricia, i know how you feel, i had 40 plus trojans and a worm(whatever that means!) 2 weeks ago! Nightmare! Loook forward to your return to blogging x

Tricia said...

Hi Girls and Guys - sorry I've been so long in responding but I'm just catching up!

Mick - I know - my bette noir! I'm speaking to my PC guru tomorrow - if he's not on holiday that is!

John - so you've got my sun! Yes I've def got Keith syndrome. I've got a v.good anti-virus etc but it didn't find these. I wish they'd stayed hidden in some ways!

I'm definitely going to have to walk many miles this week to get back to normal.

Jan - a pain indeed. It was a good meal but we both decided it was a rather limited menu.

J (Avalon) - it was really yummy! and yes, good company.

Keith - "Losing the will to live" comes to mind doesn't it!

Warren - thanks Warren and good to see you back. I shall catch up with your news soon.

Digi - Fingers crossed.

OC - she's very good company and we've know each other for years....(but I'm not giving away how many :D)

Roy - Yup!

~Chris - thank you. I don't want to admit that summer is almost gone but some of our flowers are proclaiming that it is...

Karen - Golly - that's an awful lot of trojans!! I'm back to blogging - just - and hoping to get fully back to normal later in the week!

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