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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Bits and pieces

Over the last couple of days in the garden, I've had so many young birds and other not so usual sightings. This morning at about 6.45 I had a very very rare visit from some House Sparrows. Originally alerted by their twittering I then saw 5 young one accompanied by Dad. Great!! Also heard then saw a Green Woodpecker; saw 5 young Greenfinches and 4 young Goldfinches on the feeders with various adults. Also heard a Spotted Woodpecker, several Ring Necked Parakeets as usual and some Blue tits together with Great Tits and the usual Feral Pigeons. All this within about half an hour. Whey hey!!

I went out to fill up the feeders and came across this Toad on his way back to the pond. I'd seen a baby toad yesterday whilst I was clearing a very over grown area of the garden. I'm leaving some of it overgrown now!

It was very quiet under the apple tree and as I looked towards the feeders this young Blue Tit was watching me!

Two (young I think) Magpies were having a conversation on the distant roofs.

I then headed off for West Sussex and a visit to Mum. We tried out her new motorised Scooter walking along the beach. It was very overcast to begin with although very humid. Finally the clouds began to part and the sun shone through - creating wonderful vistas!

We had lunch at our favourite place - the Blue Bird Cafe (had Brie and Bacon Toasted sandwich with a great salad garnish - yum yum) and bumped into my daughter and grandson who had visitors down for the day. Great to see them all. J and his friend had been in the sea - fully clothed!! Nice one J. :D


Midmarsh John said...

Like the cloud formations. Nice to see some blue sky. You have confirmed for me that I have a young Blue Tit visiting. I thought it may have been with its grey cap.

The Early Birder said...

Fabulous sky scapes Tricia. Let's hope there is more sun to come.

holdingmoments said...

So good to see all the youngsters about this time of year; nice shot of the Blue Tit, and good to see the Sparrows.
The beach looks deserted; just how I like them lol

Randy Emmitt said...


Nice collection of photos as usual! I'm not in the UK but here in the US we'd call that toad a frog. I found over 200 mated pairs of toads in a local fishing pond once and there were nearly 20 people fishing there every last person thought the toads were frogs.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely sky photos Tricia and so nice to see the Toad, my goodness your lunch sounded absolutely delicious...Brie and bacon...heaven on a plate!!

oldcrow61 said...

Wow, so many birds around. The sky pictures are lovely.

Q said...

I am so looking forward to reading all your posts and getting to know you and your gardens and birds.
So many came to your feeders! I have House Sparrows and will tell them how happy you are to see them. (Not a popular bird species here in the US although I love all the birds.)
Thank you for a fun post.
The sea scapes are lovely.

Neil said...

Great poics Tricia.

Your toad is a particularly warty common frog though :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely skies Tricia.
You and your food.{:)

karen said...

lovely pics tricia, love the magpies 'chatting'!!!x

Tricia said...

John - The colour blue in the sky seems very much in short supply at the moment. Young Blue Tits are very grey aren't they.

Frank - thank you; and yes, hopefully.

Keith - there seem to be so many visiting at the moment - very encouraging. The beach was quite quiet when I took these shots but further along where we'd had lunch it was very differnet!!

Randy - thank you. It would seem from Neil that it is a frog after all. Seems I'm not the only one to be confused!

Jan - Thanks. The food in the cafe is always excellent and the service.

OC - seems like an invasion of birds at the moment - treasuring every minute of their visits.

Q - welcome and great to see your here. Hope you enjoy the blog. Sounds as though you may have too many House Sparrows where here they are on the decline - sadly.

Neil - Ah what a shame. I must admit I though it a bit small for a toad but the "wartiness" had me fooled for a Toad! Thanks for your help.

Roy - Thanks. Must admit I do enjoy good food. :)

Karen - thank you. I did look as though they were having a good old natter!

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