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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Norfolk here I come

I'd arranged to spend Saturday in Norfolk with Pete so rather than have to get up at some ridiculously hour on Saturday, I went up the previous day. I'd decided to add about 15 minutes to my journey time and duly set off in sunshine and showers. Pete had reminded me that the rush hour traffic on the M25 on a Friday was bad but, I thought, being the school hols and wouldn't be as bad as usual. WRONG!! 1.5 hours later I'd travelled 16 miles!! The M25 was at a standstill. I'd kept Pete advised of my whereabouts (he'd volunteered to cook the meal) and was greeted by mutterings of "I told you so"!!!

Well I finally arrived, the journey having taken 3 3/4 hours - it normally takes 1 1/4 hours!! I was soooo glad to get out of the car and the glass of wine presented to me as I walked in the door was more than welcome :D

Norfolk generally was very very quiet in terms of birds. Titchwell was extremely quiet but that could be due, in part, to the building of the new sea defence wall.

We saw more flutters and dragons than birds but nonetheless the sky was blue, the sun was shining gloriously, the air was fresh - it was a stunning day!

From Titchwell we went to Hunstanton as I'd been promised Fulmars - and Fulmars we saw. I didn't manage any pictures (that would stand up to blogging) but it was wonderful to see them soaring up above the cliff top and, from further along, flying up onto the ledges. Londg tailed Tits entertain deep within the bushes, but the one I managed to get a picture of - turned its back on me!

From Hunstanton to Briarfields at Titchwell for lunch - poached Trout and vegetables for me, Scampi and chips for Pete - a really good meal and definitely upto Briarfield's normal standard.

From there to Sculthorpe Moor Reserve. Again it was very quiet in terms of birds but flutters and dragons were about.

A great day; thanks Pete


Pete said...

and what about the food????

Wilma said...

Your days sounds delightful, with delightful photos to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of the circular car park on a Friday.
Yes you can usually get some nice Fulmars along the beach at Hunston, Sanderlings and Oystercatchers as well at the right time. Nice trip all the same Tricia. Glad you mentioned about Titchwell, I was thinking of going there again soon, I wont bother for a while.

mick said...

Your photo of the cliff is fascinating. It looks as if it is weathering away constantly. I also love the photos of the little fluffy robin I think it is.

holdingmoments said...

Horror journey, but worth it in the end. Sounds like a great day.

Eagleseagles said...

Always tricky - North Norfolk in August!(for numbers of birds!)

If I could I would be in Cornwall seawatching!

(cant wait for the dog walking to finish - as i can only go locally or around the M25(and you know how exciting that is!) - or into Kent - quickly!

Fulmars are lovely to watch aren't they? Have you seen Pete's pics - pretty good I thought.

I'll see if he will put a photo on Bigg bird Forum as Pauco loves his gulls!


(just torn myself away from the Cricket...a wicket might fall!)

oldcrow61 said...

What a guy...a glass of wine presented to you as you arrived. What about the meal??...Tell all, lol. Sounds like you had a grand time Tricia and the pictures are wonderful.

Tricia said...

Mhy apolgies that I'm only just responding now. My posts seem to be more like buses - hardly see one for several days and then all come along together!

Pete - the food was excellent and thank you for all your efforts!

Wilma - thank you; it was a good day.

Roy - oh yes! Titchwell definitely not worth a long trip to visit at the mo. I think it might be quiet(ish) for a while; until they've finished building the new sea wall!

Mick - Thanks. You can really see the different soil levels that have built up over the years! And yes, you're quite right, it's a (moulting) robin.

Keith - definitely worth it!

OC - Thank you. All is revealed in my (next) blog of Sunday and yes, it was a grand time!

Tricia said...

Hi C - Fulmars were amazing - lifers for me. Love the way they just - glide!

ShySongbird said...

A great day out Tricia but a shame about the prolonged journey the evening before :( The birds really do seem to be hiding away at the moment, hopefully they will all be more willing after their moult, mind you they always seem shy when I am out and about, I think the bush ;) telegraph alerts them to my imminent arrival!

Lovely photos throughout. I had a quick zip through them before reading the post and studying the photos properly and thought how odd the LTT looked so was amused to eventually find it was a bottom shot :) Was that a Willow or possibly Marsh Tit near the end?

SPD said...

I love the reed shot hmm have a spare photo frame that needs filling! M25 on a friday aaaghgh! We were watching loons jump off the pier this weekend a challenge for your camera next year and the air show too meant not much birdlife around. Glad you had such a fab time.
Love SPD

Tricia said...

Jan - I'll know for another time! Pete thought it was a Marsh Tit and I'm not such an expert. But the signs were pointing to a Marsh Tit.

SPD - glad you liked the Reed shot. What size is the picture frame?

Now the air show would be a challenge - a tad easier than taking shots of flying birds methinks! But folks jumping of the pier.....?

ST said...

I discovered sculthorpe moor for the first time this year a superb little reserve.

can you tell i'm catching up :)

Tricia said...

ST - I like Sculthorpe Moor; it' well looked after, big enough to make a decent walk and you get to see Marsh Harriers amongst other things!

Glad to see you're getting back on track ;)

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