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Saturday, 8 August 2009

A quick and quiet visit to Bushy

This morning around the garden, a water lily was in full bloom.
Pond Lily

I decided to be "artistic" within PS Elements. You either like it, or, you don't!
Pond Lily - flourescent

And later on I had a visit from a Common Darter (please tell me if I'm wrong with the ID?)
09-08-08 Common Darter

The sun was really hot today which was lovely, but I'd woken up with a splitting headache. Late afternoon I went into Bushy Park. It was very quiet in terms of wildlife; it was very noisy in terms of people and children everywhere. But later on I escaped to the Woodland Gardens where it was peaceful.

On arriving in the very very full car park I was on my 2nd circuit looking for a parking space (with the full intention of calling it a day if I didn't find one) when a kind motorist advised he was about to leave. I waited there with my indicator going which should have signalled quite clearly that I was about to park in the space being created by the leaving car. Then, some young upstart boy racer shot into the space around the front of my car - how he didn't scrape it I don't know! I was so furious that I got out of the car and had a few strong words with him; this coincided with a young couple from another car (late teens? the occcupants that is, not the car), also remonstrating with the errant drive on my behalf. They were so indigant at the driver's bad behaviour - well done them! The errant drive vacated the space with much cheering from the spectators - and I calmly parked the car and started my walk - trying not to look too smug.

So eventually I started a walk around the pond. The family of (now) 7 cygnets was still still in the same spot.

09-08-08 Mute Swan Cobb
and one of his children
09-08-08 Mute Swan Cygnet
were panting to keep cool.

While this Red Crested Pochard was lazing about.
09-08-08 Red Crested Pochard

and this little one was swimming lazily not far from its Mum
09-08-08 Red Crested Pochard ducking

And finally, a mallard was comtemplating the pond, life, and the universe
09-08-08 BDs Mallard


Wilma said...

I like the arty waterlily flower. It looks like an orange flame with a blue heart.

Liz said...

Lovely photos, they really do show how hot it has been!

Like you I woke up with a headache, not helped by trying to take photos of Butterflies against the early morning sun... Hmmm perhaps that was a bad idea.

It's set to be slightly cooler tomorrow, let's hope it stays that way!

mick said...

Lovely photos - especially the close-up heads of the swans. Glad you got your park! You were lucky to have back-up from some by-standers!

Tim Rucci said...

Great photos of the swan and cygnets; thanks for sharing. Love the detail in your headshots.

holdingmoments said...

Common Darter it is; and a cracking picture too Tricia.

Glad you got that 'erbert sorted out without any trouble.

Great shots of the panting Swans, and the RC Pochard. Despite the headache and idiot driver, a productive day. :)

ShySongbird said...

How infuriating that is Tricia, I'm glad you stuck to your guns and that you had others backing you up! Lovely photos, I have to say I prefer the 'natural' Water Lily but a fun experiment nevertheless! Beautiful photo of the Pochard.

diddums said...

Reading about the guy parking in your spot made my blood boil.

Though it leads me to ponder on how 'we' (as society) bring people up to consider competition and 'winning' is everything... just look at the rash of reality TV shows which are all about success. Dragon's Den, etc.

Sometimes, though, success is merely about not being the one to look a fool in a Pop Idol audition, or managing to shrug philosophically when asked to leave! Wow.

Perhaps Sunday is not the day for these convoluted thoughts...

I love the photos, especially the water lily. I hope you keep playing in P.E., it can be very rewarding.

oldcrow61 said...

I like both shots of the water lily, just gorgeous! The photos of the birds and dragon as wonderful as always. I'm glad you sorted out that upstart of a kid. I've seen it happen here.

Midmarsh John said...

What a cracking good dragon photo.
Love the little one with the clear reflection in the water.

Well done in seeing off the bad mannered driver. Good job there was plenty of nature to take your attention and let you wind down from the experience.

Roy said...

Well Tricia, I like both Water lily images.

Tricia said...

Wilma - Glad you like my first "arty" attempt; I like your description :D

Liz - isn't it great to have some summer at long last? Seems it's a headachy sort of day then.

Mick - thank you. And yes, wasn't I lucky!

Tim - thank you. They were obliging still while I took the pics!

Keith - thanks for the confirmation and the very nice compliment!

A productive day indeed - albeit I was only there for about 90 mins!

Jan - I didn't stop to think I was so angry. (Not necessarily a good thing!!). Thanks for the comment about the Pochard and yes, I prefer the natural thing but it was fun experimenting!

Hi Diddums - you raise some interesting issues. The attitude of the "youth of today" is not one that we were brought up on and I feel that they miss out on life as a result of having IMHO "lesser values"

I believe I'm talking to the "artist" here when talking about creating pictures!

OC - thank you as ever :D I was so flattered and surprised that the young couple (the girl in particular) was so infuriated on my behalf. Really makes you think well (in this instance) of the younger ones!

John - thank you - had good light today and it makes such a difference in getting a reasonably sharp picture!

I must admit I was still steaming as I set off but someone, the minute I see a bird, insect, flutter etc. I can forget the bad and just get into that wonderful wildlife world! :D

Roy - aw - glad you liked them :)

Neil said...

Great photos

Glo said...

A lovely series of photos as usual :) The water lily looks so elegant, and as far as changing its colour ~ it's quite possible that other creatures of the world see it that way!

Janine said...

Great photos as always.

Jan said...

Beautiful clear photos, the arty lily is lovely.

I remember many years ago a very similar car parking incident happened to me at Brent Cross shopping centre, not long after it had opened (which may give you a clue as to how long, can't remember exactly) Except that the occupants of the car were two teenage/early 20s girls. I got out too and was told "effing hard luck" I was livid as you can imagine and so wanted to slash their tyres as they stomped off laughing. Grrrrrr! Glad you had a happier outcome.

Tricia said...

My apologies to Neil, Glo, Janine and Jan for the lateness of my response.

Neil - thank you
Glo - thanks and you could have a point about other creature's colour vision.

Janine - thank you too.

Jan - Well at least I didn't have to suffer verbal abuse as well.

Alcester nature photography. said...

Hi great shots especially that common darter, great light.
Cheers Colin.

Chris said...

I like the artistic touch on the flower but the birds pictures are my favorite you know that! I love the common darter too, a beautiful capture!

Tricia said...

Colin - thanks; it was an obliging Darter :)

Chris - Thank you and I'm with you on the birds!

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