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Sunday, 23 August 2009


Addendum: Just following up from my post on Saturday (I'm now back at my PC)... after having arrived very late and equally red faced at Pete's on the Friday, not only was I greeted with a glass of the red stuff, but with the information that dinner would be about half an hour :D Pete had cooked - Thai Fish Cakes with breaded Prawns - a sweet chilli dip, mozzarella and tomato salad and chunky chips. And to round off the meal? A very indulgent, yummy and moor-ish Belgian Choccie Cheesecake. Oooh it was lovely and to be waited on hand and foot........ (I could get used to this!)

So back to home and normality...... The M25 was sweetness and light today, with just a little traffic. I sailed along with the radio on (not cricket or football this time :) ) whilst the sun had its hat on.

Right, thought I, I haven't been to Barnes (London Wetland Centre) for two or three weeks and felt it was due a visit. I wasn't expecting much in the way of birds, which was just as well really. But nonetheless apart from the year-round regulars, a Common Snipe and Black-tailed Godwit (flew in whilst I was there) entertained but wouldn't respond of my pleas "to come nearer, pretty please!)

On arriving this darter was dashing back and forth. I believe this picture would feature in any self-respecting school report as "could do a lot better" but, on the basis of practice makes perfect, one day... (and today, I even experimented with manual settings.....gosh my bravery sometimes amazes even me....)

A family of mute swans were having a brush up

The Common Snipe was having a meal..

whilst the Black-tailed Godwit was..... eating too!

except for the very occasional interval for a preen

Close by the hide, a Wood Pigeon posed in the afternoon sun..

and so did this young Tufted Duck

Mallards were.... well... being Mallards and just hanging about..

Around on the Wildside, four Migrant Hawkers were chasing about and not settling. However, given that, sometimes, everything comes to s/he who waits, one or two of them did settle..

It was very hot today (I even put the air con on on the way home!!!....) but despite this the signs of Autumn were about.

Sloe berries?

Erm erm - Elder berries?

and Blackberries

A pleasant end to a great weekend!


Pete said...

well done on the hawker

Anonymous said...

A very brave Girl, well done.

Midmarsh John said...

Well done on the 'in flight' dragon, especially as it was flying away from you.

I just love the young tufted duck. On first glance I though you had found some sort of fungus - until I looked at the larger version. Really cute that one.

Great shots of the migrants.

Now you've found the elderberries can we look forward to some nice wine next year? Lovely when brewed with some chopped raisins and a touch of root ginger.

Chris said...

Hi tricia,
again one of these gorgeous post. I love the flying dragon fly, but my favorites are the ducks one as you know!

holdingmoments said...

Cracking set of pictures Tricia, but the show stopper is that little tufty. Perfect.

mick said...

Lovely to see photos of a Black-tailed Godwit - which we see down here in small numbers.

Warren Baker said...

Great Dragon pics Tricia!
I dont think the elder berries are elder berries though

swatson said...

that little tufted duck is such a sweetie.The colours of your berries are beautiful

Little Brown Job said...

Great shots of the Hawkers Tricia.

Tricia said...

Thanks Pete - it was a poser!

Roy - aw thank you :)

John - thanks; I would love to get a really good one though but time's running out for this year! The tufty was just asking for a picture even though it was a bit "green" lol

I still don't know if they are elderberries; unless you're confirming that they are?

Chris - thank you! The ducks were nice and still for a photo!

Keith - thanks. Right place and right time methinks. But it's definitely a cutie!

Mick - I just wish we saw more of them and, a bit closer for a picture view and picture!!

Warren - any ideas about what they might be then?

Sheila - thank you. I think the tufite is stealing the show. LOL

Paul - many thanks. Hope you enjoyed the Bird Fair!

richard said...

Nice trip as I see here...

Tricia said...

Richard - yep; a pleasant couple of hours!

Midmarsh John said...

Hi again Tricia. Not so sure on the Elder berries. The Common Elder next door and those photos I looked at on the net show small but distinct serrations round the leaves which I can't see on your picture.

Tricia said...

Many thanks John. Warren also thought they were not Elderberries - I'm stumped now so shall have to continue searching for an ID! Thank you again for your help.

Tom said...

Great pictures of all ... the Hawkers are excllent.
Your mention of the M25 is the first time I have heard it mentioned without a 'moan'..

If you get time stop by and met Ammon Wrigley then read his poem The Homestead

Midmarsh John said...

Maybe Dogwood berries?

ShySongbird said...

Lovely pictures of the Migrant Hawker Tricia and the good old Wood Pigeon looks rather splendid posed there.

Definitely Sloes (the fruit of the Blackthorn) and I thought Elderberries at first glance but the leaves don't look serrated so like John I think it must be Dogwood although I'm not completely sure. There are rather too many signs of the dreaded A word creeping up for my liking, the year is passing much too quickly!

Anonymous said...

Tufty broods seem to be late, this year. Don`t you think ?

Tricia said...

Tom - thank you. The M25's OK at times; I've used it on a weekend at about 5.30 - 6.00 a.m and it's fine!

John - quite possibly; I think I'll have a "google" Lol

Jan - thanks for your help with the berries too. The bracken in Bushy Park today is already turning brown!

Dean. I think you're right. Not only the Tufties' broods (which I've seen more of this year), but others as well. Saw some very young coots at the weekend as well!

ST said...

Hi Tricia,
the tufty is sublime and the common darter in flight is better than you give it credit.

Tricia said...

Hi ST - thank you for your very kind comment!

neil said...

Great photos - I went LWT last weekend, but I hadnt been in a couple of years!

Only one migrant hawker settle for me but behind some reeds! Had to attempt inflight shots in the end!

Tricia said...

Neil - thanks and I hope you enjoyed your visit. You never know, we might bump into each other one day!

Had a look at your really good flight shot! I'm still practising!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Oh! I couldn't identify the young Tufted duck in the first look because of its turned neck!!

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