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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Barnes... but quiet! But the butterflies are back!!

Had a trip over to London Wetland Centre yesterday. Very quiet which was surprising given the time of year. Cetti's called everywhere.. but would they show?

A couple of mute swans flew around us..

A Great Tit was busy filling the nest box with nesting material.

And in a very shady spot, a wren sang wonderfully, but briefly, from a branch

A Wood Pigeon posed making a pleasant composition in the tree full of Spring blossom - which it was eating!

The first young coots I've seen - this is 1 of 5 - but they wouldn't come away from the reeds.. no doubt enjoying the protection it gave them.

Female Orange Tip (unless anyone says otherwise)

Not sure as it wouldn't open its wings! But suspect Small Blue.

and further along a male Orange Tip

I do love this time of year and for these last few days with blue skies, warmth and sunshine it's been sooo lovely... could live with this weather all year :D


Roy said...

Nice shots Tricia. yes its a female Orange Tip and the blue one is a Holly Blue.

Liz said...

Hi Tricia,

Lovely photos, glad to see the Butteflies are back; nothing better than having them flutter by.
I've had something flying around that I haven't been able to ID yet as it hasn't stopped. I'm thinking it's a skipper or small copper because it's only small and definitely not a tortoiseshell or small white/orange-tip.

holdingmoments said...

Seems to be butterflies everywhere with this sun Tricia. Had a Holly Blue in the garden this afternoon.
I love this time of the year.

Chris said...

Seems to me that it was not so quite. It looks like nature is going full speed with a baby coots!! Here it has not started yet ;-) and we are getting huge storms..

IOW Birder said...

Hi tricia, love the wren pic! Saw lots of those orange tip butterflies, didnt know their name before I saw your blog!
Those baby coots are so beautiful :)

ShySongbird said...

I just said on another comment that if the weather stayed just like this all year it would suit me perfectly. What a beautiful time of the year it is, I love it!!

Lovely photo of the male Orange Tip, they seem to be everywhere at the moment. Love the Wren too. I think your blue butterfly is the Holly Blue.

Randy Emmitt said...


Loved the orangetip photos! We have lots of Falcate Orangetips around here right now. They look very close to yours.

Glo said...

Such lovely photos! The flying swans are striking, the singing robin so springlike, and the baby coot too adorable!

Tricia said...

Roy - thank you and thanks for the affirmation of Orange Tip and info that it's a Holly Blue.

Liz - thanks.. hope you get to ID your mystery flutter!

Keith - good to have you back in circulation. Think Spring is my favourite season.. (until Autumn comes.. ;) )

Chris - I was delighted to see these funny little birds again..

Sorry to hear you're suffering with storms and hope they go away soon!

Dave - thank you :) The young coots are strange little things with their garish colouring.. cute though.

Jan - yes it would suit me perfectly too... just love the warm sun but cool and pleasant air... wish their was a "hold" button on days like those we've just been having. And thanks for the Holly Blue ID.

Randy.. thanks. I'll have to "google" Falcate Orangetips - sometimes species seem almost identical regardless of countries!

Glo - thank you - I'm always so pleased to get a picture of any bird singing away.. such a joyful sound to hear.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia.
Good to see your out and about with
your camera!
Love those Butterflies, & the little Wren.


Gaina said...

It's funny that Swans are always used to epitomize romance, I find Crested Grebes more romantic with their beautiful little dance :).

I don't know what it's like near you today but the weather has reverted to positively wintery here! It makes the warm sunshine of the weekend seem like ages ago :).

Did you ever find out what the spider was? I'm still fascinated to know.

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