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Saturday, 2 April 2011

This at that; Barnes and Painshill

Firstly: To all those who kindly commented on my previous posts to which I haven't yet responded... my apologies and I hope to redress the situation very soon! Your continued interest is very much appreciated!!

Given it was sunny (ish) today and I was free (!) I should have taken a friend up on their offer of company to see Red Kites down in the Chilterns. Apparently there's also a very good pub in Watlington for a suitable lunch stop :D Another day - I promise :)

Instead, I headed of to the WWT at Barnes. Not a huge amount around today. A Common Tern had been reported but no sign of it today. A redshank was out on the wader scrape and it seemed as though from every bush/tree a Cettis Warbler sang. Lovely to hear but impossible to see! And the Sand Martins are back and exploring the nest holes in the Sand Martin bank!! woo hoo.

A family of about 9 Mallard ducklings were entertaining as they charged about the grass.

Snakeshead frittilaries, nodded in the gentle wind.

And a dandelion clock looked fluffy..

The common lizards are making an appearance now..and this one was basking in the warmth of the sun on the wall of the hide.

From WWT I went off to Painshill.... I wanted to see if the Great Crested Grebes still had their eggs.

As I crossed the bridge into the Park, a Blackcap was singing beautifully from somewhere in a blossom covered bush; I couldn't see it until it flew! But what I did see, was a Comma Butterfly amongst the contrasting white blossom.

The Terrapin is back after its winter vacation.

and yes... the Grebe was sitting on her nest so I'm hoping that the eggs (4) are still present and intact.
There was much more of a breeze today, so I think Mrs. Grebe was having a bad hair day ;)

The second pair of Gt. Crested Grebes have now started building their nest so hopefully.... and fingers crossed... both pair will be successful.

I walked high up on the hill in the hope of seeing the Buzzards hunting; but it was the wrong time of day.. and didn't hear them at all today. Another day perhaps.

I pleasant day and it was wonderfully warm for a change (for a Saturday!!)


Chris said...

Already ducklings!! Wow!! Here the mating has not even start and the birds are still not back..... Beautiful lizard picture too! I love them!

Randy Emmitt said...


Loved the lizard photos. Then I saw the grebes, wow!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure.

Glo said...

Aww, cute ducklings :) None visible around here yet. Lovely blossom ~ it's an amazing time of year. Glad to see Mrs. Grebe at work ~ wait until her brood is hatched and then she'll have even less time to tidy her hair ;)

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