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Monday, 11 April 2011

Painshill Park.. two pairs of Great Crested Grebes

Over the weekend my daughter was up this way visiting various friends and on Sunday morning we went for a walk in Bushy Park - just like old times :)

Whilst I'd taken the camera, it was more for the exercise and company than a walk for taking pictures. However!! A couple of mute swans flew over and I managed to grab a pic of one of them :D

This was almost full frame so I was quite pleased!

We walked for quite a while then went to the cafe for some brunch. Tea and a wicked strawberry muffin (with loads of butter cream filling!) for SPD and coffee and a raisin Danish for me.

Later on in the day after my daughter had headed off to a friend's, I had a quick update stroll around Painshill Park.

There are now 2 pairs of Great Crested Grebes and whilst the 2nd pair have built a nest, they seem to have abandoned it. I came across them right down the eastern (?) end of the lake where they were happily swimming and diving for fish.

Out in the middle, one of them seemed to be "yawning"

The other was much closer in and just swimming about.

and diving..

and coming up again but with empty beak!

Eventually the nearer of the two swam to the middle of the lake to join its partner; they started some head wagging but no dance was to happen.

I walked around to the other side and the two who have produced eggs are still nesting; so this is great!

Right into the sun (in the afternoon) but I managed a shot of the prospective parents at the nest.

Dad was getting sleepy..

and could hardly keep his eyes open....
(I've only cropped this picture, so was quite pleased with the result)

but just about managed it..

and finally.... just when I'd decided to call it a day, the elusive Blackcap showed for just a brief minute.

It is only a record shot, but it's the only one so far, that I've managed this year ;)

And as I type this, a wren sings as does the Blackcap - in my garden.. but can I see either of them... nooooooo - they are such a tease!


Roy said...

Superb flying Mute Tricia.

Tricia said...

Thanks Roy.. was just lucky with this one!

holdingmoments said...

The Great Crested Grebes are such elegant looking birds. Lovely captures Tricia.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Grebe photos. And the swan in flight is fab.

Tricia said...

Keith - couldn't agree more. And when they extend their head feathers in the courting ritual... stupendous :D

Digi - thank you.. I was sooo pleased with the swan picture (think it's the "every so often one really stand out" category for me)

Tim James said...

Fascinating and enjoyable blog, Tricia. Your enthusiasm really shines through – Tim

oldcrow61 said...

That first picture of the swan is fantastic! WOW!

SPD said...

Was lovely going for a walk again really miss our strolls but.....
loadsa love SPD

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