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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sussex and Surrey - birds and spring flowers!

I've been down in Sussex on "night" duty for a few days. And we've had some wonderful sun and warmth on the last day. Can't believe how warm it is!!

Mum and I stood in her garden and watched an aerial battle between a gull and a sparrowhawk. It was the sparrowhawk that was being bombarded with attacks from the gull!

They were exceedingly high in the sky and I was surprised that I managed a shot at all let alone the record shots below!

And in her garden, Mum's tulips glowed in the sunshine.

Buds emerging on the trees.

Home today and a quick walk around Painshill Park to check on the Great Crested Grebes.

Near the entrance the blossom was wonderful. The sky was blue and the sun was warm.
Chiff chaffs and Blackcaps sang from the trees and shrubbery - but none of them would come into view..

At the beginning of the lake, a Canada Goose was master of all he surveyed!

Several mute swans about and it was bath time for some of them

There's always that awkward spot so difficult to reach.

The pair of Grebes that have just built their nest were swimming about but not much action.

And a family of 5 mallard ducklings. Sadly (I know from a friend) there were 9 last night - so 4 have 'disappeared' already :(

And the pair of nesting Great Crested Grebes who have been sitting on eggs for a few days now, were, I'm pleased to say, still sitting on the nest :D

I sat and watched the birds for a while; it was warm and so quiet ... very therapeutic..

On my way out, the Canada Geese were being territorial - several had nests and these were protecting theirs!

The last couple of days have seen temperatures (in Sussex and Surrey) of around 22 degrees! This is amazing for April which is a month renown for very wet weather! Seems to good to last but hopefully it will be with us for at least the weekend.


Midmarsh John said...

Well captured aerial shot of the Sparrowhawk and great photos of the GCG nesting.

Glo said...

What a wonderful spring filled post! Your mum's tulips are a beautiful colour, and the blossom is exquisite. Wonderful photos of the birds ~ in the air, and in the water! Sweet little ducklings ~ hope they make it! Your temperatures are summer-like! It's bright here, but still a bit chilly - more like 10 or so! Glad you enjoyed your visit with your mum and I look forward to more of your local birds and flowers.

oldcrow61 said...

What a lovely variety of pictures. The blossoms and flowers are gorgeous.

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