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Friday, 22 April 2011

Polesden Lacey, Wiston Tea Rooms, and Bluebells

Enjoyed a very long walk with a good friend of mine the other day. We walked the hills and dales of the wooded area around Polesden Lacey by walking a circular route via Ranmore Common.

The weather was hot and sunny and the bluebells were out... very little scent from them though which was surprising.

And in the garden of the YMCA cottage, these tulips really sang out!

Then I had a day down with Mum and we went in search of Bluebells (at Wiston) and lunch. Wiston Tea Rooms are lovely... very relaxed, nice food and an amazing rambling, relaxed and very pretty garden to sit out in and have your cuppa or lunch ... Saw two swallows flying about (my first sight this year) and a Common Buzzard soared higher and higher as we just sat in the shade and watched.

The Tea Rooms are next to a field which has domestic farmyard-type birds...

Hmmm.. interesting bird..

This Turkey is not a character from Dr. Who - but think it could audition very successfully!

A pied Wagtail perched for a while surveying the countryside

And a group of several Mallard Ducklings... 5 were very visible and I think there were another 4 tucked under mum.

Dozing in the afternoon..

A quick peep to check all's right..

Being a young Mallard is sooooo tiring... back to sleep again I think..

Bees buzzed around the blossom on the tree where we sat

and then the Bluebell woods... wonderful and the scent was really evident...
We walked along a rough pathway and were rewarded with the sight of two Chiffchaffs having an argument in a tree close by...

A lovely day out with Mum in sunshine and warmth


Glo said...

Such a lovely Spring post! Sounds like perfect outings with good weather. Those farmyard creatures certainly had a look about them, didn't they? ;) How nice for your mum and you to enjoy a walk and tea together. Happy Easter!

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Glo - very different animals these farmyard inhabitants :)

We were lucky to find a relatively wheelchair friendly path which wasn't too bumpy, so Mum got into the woods too :D

Chris said...

Wow you definitively got spring and the blue bell pictures are incredible, so many of them!

holdingmoments said...

Spring in all its glory.
The Bluebells are lovely; a sight that's hard to beat I think.
That turkey is a beauty ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Tricia.
Really enjoyed those walks!
Nice woodland walk for you & your mum.

Nice photo of the wagtail, a real couple of cuttie pics of those Mallard chicks they are sooo cute!
The Turkey truly a face only a mother could love. A real mix with the Duck, Pete the duck man should know it?? Great to see a good mix
of your photo skills again Tricia.


Katie (Nature ID) said...

Yay, it's bluebell time! Looks like it was a couple lovely days.

oldcrow61 said...

Those bluebells are just wonderful. Love the turkey and of course who couldn't like the baby ducks. So cute.

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