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Friday, 25 May 2012

I escaped to Warnham Nature Reserve

Unfortunately still embroiled with moving an elderly aunt and 'down sizing'....(I'm amazed how my patience has lasted!!..;)

After the thrills and spills of unpacking/repacking boxes this morning, I ran away to Warnham Nature Reserve.. never known it so quiet.. but it WAS the afternoon and it WAS hot!!

Two pairs of Common Terns out on the lake... but dozing on the Tern raft.

No birds at the feeders - which, sadly, were mostly empty... I expect the birds are very hungry at this time of the year though!

Last night I was experimenting with the Nikon my garden.

Interestingly, I didn't notice the 'insect' until processing the picture.  Looks like a grasshopper of some sort!

The scented azaleas I've inherited in the garden are wonderful...

So onto Warnham... quiet, quiet, quiet...... except for a Kestrel that hovered.. a bit far away.. as I entered the reserve

and eventually one of the 4 common terns left the tern raft and perched

May flies have started being visible.. and I didn't notice the 'bug' immediately above the Mayfly (no the edge of the leaf) until I processed this (rather a record shot) picture.. no idea what it is... unless anyone can ID this for me?

All was quiet out on the lake..

This is one of two orphaned lambs that have been adopted by the reserve..

and the buttercups are coming out.. wonderful to see them with all the other wildflowers!  I do like that the wildflower meadow has been left to the flowers with very clear 'pathways' mowed so inviting visitors to stay on the 'straight and narrow'

Hopefully I've got 2 days off now (except for a visit from the plumber tomorrow morning) so I do hope I can keep my camera company on a day out!

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely azalea photos Tricia - we have one of that colour in our garden and it looks wonderful at the moment.

Best of luck with the remainder of house move/downsizing - I think my patience would have run out very quickly :)

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