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Monday, 7 May 2012

Sun shine... for 1 hour... and then... but Nightingales!

I left to come home this morning in brilliant sunshine which kept me company on a traffic free M25 and other motorway!

I was going to Warnham Nature Reserve but got there before it was open and wasn't prepared to wait.  So off I went to Pulborough Brooks.  By which time the sun... (you've guessed it) had gone covered by dark threatening clouds.

 Huge numbers of Swifts, Swallow and House Martins, flying, diving and dipping over the water... clouds of them - amazing sight.

As I walked I was seranaded by Nightingales again - mostly in their normal places and on a rare occasion one popped up in front of me..... grrrrrr this bad light ...when are we going to have some better photographic weather!!

A few Goldfinches about; dozens of Blackcaps.. the reserve was alive with birdsong...

May only be record shots but they're the ONLY shots I've ever managed of Nightingales!!

Oh well, perhaps the weather will improve as the week goes on???


kirstallcreatures said...

Lovely to see the Nightingale, Ive never knowingly seen one, so at least I know what to look out for now.

Roy said...

The shots of the Nightingale are excellent Tricia, I should be so lucky.

Tricia said...

Hi Linda... thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. They weren't easy to see until this one just popped up in front of me!!

Roy - thank you.... I was just very lucky today... many visits I've been trying and today = reward day!!

oldcrow61 said...

Our weather has been dreadful as well. I've never seen a Nightingale before. Lovely bird and great shots.

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