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Saturday, 19 May 2012

WWT Barnes and Bushy Park

Decided to head up to Barnes was very quiet....a few birds about but it would have been great to see some flutters and dragons.. but not yet it seems!

When I was living in Surrey then I had Ring-necked Parakeets as regular garden visitors.  It's rather nice to hear them again.... :)

This Male Mandarin sat on a rail of a bridge and 'peeped'

Later on a Jay flew past and posed for a bit.

It was lovely to bump into Jenny and Brian.. hadn't seen them for ages.  Brian confessed that they follow my blog - I'm flattered.  And Brian, could you let Jenny know you're looking at it please? ;)  And good to see Rick again!

In terms of pictures that was about it.  I decided to go off to Bushy Park as I hadn't been there for such a long time. I rather miss it!

The Red Deer Stages are growing their antlers again and they (the antlers) are covered in velvet - very tactile!

A pair of mute swans had produced just the 1 cygnet... not seen many anywhere this Spring.

and Dad was drinking..

So having had a quick bite to eat I headed off down south.  I've got quite a few more pictures from the other cameras... but that's for another post and day.

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Pete said...

some nice pics

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