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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday in the Park with (not George).... and a Concert

... but Pete.  We set off for London early.... but instead of our intended destination, we decided to walk around Regents Park... it was very cold... is it really May??

There must be some British celebrations going on.. this hotel was decorated in Union Jacks and later in the day we saw other similar decorations in one of the major shopping streets.

The bandstand...

It was grey and cold but at least the rain stayed away.... 

Having a natter? Or being told off.... you can judge :)

 Bar-headed Goose

This is an extremely heavy crop using the Panasonic G3 and a 45mm lens...not too bad..

We had brekkie at the Honest Sausage in the park... and very nice it was too.  So a very pleasant morning and then onto Wigmore Hall for the concert.

Today the Cuarteto Casals - Haydn String Quartet in C and Schubert String Quartet in G.  Beautifully executed.

A very good day out altogether!


Wilma said...

Beautiful photos, Tricia. I really liked the ring of yellow watercraft around the island followed by the ring of yellow flowers around the tree!

oldcrow61 said...

The picture of the nattering geese is priceless. What a shot you got there. Those blue flowers are enough to brighten anyone's day.

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