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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pulborough Brooks.. the sun shone

Had to take Mum to the doctor's this a.m. and it was beautifully sunny with blue skies!  I managed a quick trip to RSPB Pulborough Brooks around lunchtime.  Dozens of birds coming in now - all the usual suspects and great to see some Pintails.

I stood watching a Peregrine Falcon being mobbed by a couple of crows... there is a resident female at Pulborough.

I went down to the usual viewing platform to see her land in her favourite spot in the nearby tree.  Not long after she'd been there she took off for a hunt.... we then lost sight of her but not before she'd sent up all  birds from the water!

Just a few pics.... mostly the birds are far too far out to photograph so a very small number of pics today!

On the feeders outside the visitor centre..

As I entered the reserve a magpie was enjoying the sunshine...

Grazing cattle..

Difficult to know where the hair of the cattle ends and the grass begins :D

Not what I'd expected to see... I think it's The British School of Motoring!

One of the views of the reserve!

The sun didn't last but it was great whilst it did.. Pleasant stroll albeit short.


Glo said...

Always pleasant to enjoy a splash of sunshine! Thanks for sharing the lovely area and an enjoyable outing.

Rohrerbot said...

Looks like an amazing day outdoors again:) Your shots are fun....and I love all the birds you've found:) And the shaggy cow:)

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