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Monday, 20 May 2013

A local day in Perugia - Thursday

Thursday already!!  The weather forecast for today and tomorrow was dire so we decided we'd not waster money on travel fares and stay locally instead.  It was raining first thing but gradually it stopped although we didn't see much sun for a long time.

First visit was to the Duomo of San Rufino

Then within a few metres, the Palazzo dei Prior

The Nobile Collegio del Cambio - fascinating interior but doesn't permit photography.  Pete had the brilliant idea of buying some postcards which I scanned in

A wander along a few streets and also stopped in Sandrine's coffee shop for a coffee and some rather nice cake....

Then into Il Collegio della Mercanzia - which is the merchants' guild

In and around the entrance to the Galleria Nazionale del'Umbria

the Museum didn't permit photography but in some ways this enhanced the visit and you were able to take in more of what you were looking at instead of being side-tracked by using a camera.

Again, some postcards purchased and....

Back to the hotel and then out for a meal and a stroll

We ate at Ristorante de Sole with an amazing view

In this picture you can see the edge of the restaurant on the right.. fab food and excellent surroundings

and the Chocolate shop of chocolate shops... couldn't resist going inside where, after a taste of a choccie given by the lovely lady the other side of the counter we bought a few locally made choccies to have later :D

THE shop !!

and off for a wander as the clouds cleared and we had some blue sky at last... better weather  than we thought is was going to be

Another really good day.... but where are the days going!!

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