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Friday, 10 May 2013

Rye Meads.. a short visit

Had a dip into Rye Meads today.. and for the first time I didn't have the dSLR with me.  So all pictures with Panasonic G5 and 100-300 lens.  The sun was in and out but given the distance from me to the subjects, it performed quite well.

Just the one Kingfisher going into the nesting hole, and one of the kestrels was eating and preening just inside the nest box not far from the Kingfisher Bank.  A couple of Little Ringed Plovers and several Orange Tip flutters, and several Swifts added to the day's list.

Two Common Terns were fishing and the victor was chased by the loser... bit it didn't hang around long enough for a decent picture ..

You can just see the tail of the fish underneath the tern's wings..

the Pochard dived


holdingmoments said...

You managed better shots of the Kingfisher than I ever do, when I've visited Rye Meads. lol

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Keith.. it was posing for a while so I was lucky to get it.. using the Panasonic G5 as didn't have the dSLR with me!!

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