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Monday, 20 May 2013

It's Sunday and we're off home ... sadly

Well, so sadly, our last day.  We awoke to grey skies and rain and having to pack for our journey home.  After brekkie we went up to the town for a last wander around.

Through the escalators again to the top

At about 8.30 a.m. on a wet Sunday morning the streets, normally teeming with life, were deserted

By now it was getting uncomfortable to be out so we headed back to the hotel through... yes you've guessed

There'd been some sort of exhibition by a comic company over the weekend..

Pete and Spiderman..... :)

After a while the rain stopped and the grey was lighter so we headed out again.

These cars, as much as my very limited Italian and a lot of guess work, seemed to be environmentally friendly electric cars..

We read for a bit whilst waiting for our shared taxi to take us to the airport. On the out we'd met a lovely lady, Robyn, who suggested we all share a taxi to our respective hotels.  And we agreed to do this on our return trip.  Thank you for your help with this Robyn and it was good to meet you.

At the airport we seemed to be the last flight out.  We watched as the incoming flight was about to land... just before it got to the runway, it took off up into the air again.

We waiting for at least half an hour before that plane landed so we could all board for the journey back to the UK.  We learned that the strong winds had caused the aborted landing and advised that unless we took off in the next 10 minutes or so, we could be held at the airport for 'sometime'.

Thank goodness we finally took off for an uneventful journey back

Some pictures from the plane (courtesy of Pete - who had the window seat - cos I don't really like taking off and landing so it would be wasted on me ;)  )

Made up some time on the journey courtesy of a following wind. Got through passport control, collected our luggage, got the bus to the car and arrived back - to a very welcome cup of tea.

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