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Saturday, 11 May 2013

A mixed bag of visits and following in the step of Lovejoy...

We awoke to brilliant sunshine;  - so headed off early to Hatfield Forest.  There are very many cows grazing there now..

including this Bull!!

Sadly we saw only 1 Great Crested Grebe out on the lake.. the two nests were still very visible but no sign of eggs and no sign of either of the breeding pairs... so sad..  First spring when the boats have been available.... hmmmm thinks on....

As the morning progressed the sun went and dark clouds gathered

Rape is growing everywhere and really glows no matter what colour the sky is!

Where to?  Lovejoy is a TV series of a lovable rogue wheeler/dealer in the antique market and programmes are often filmed East Anglia and Pete knew where one of the locations was.

We headed off to Belchamp Hall and its church, St. Marys Church which are both located in Belchamp Walter.  Lovely drive through country lanes.  The hall is available as a Wedding Reception location and recommendations go with it to use the church for the wedding itself.

and then onto St John the Baptist, at Little Maplestead, one of four round churches in the country; this one having associations with Knights Hospitallers, the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

It was cold this morning so we had several 'short visits' so.. after the round church, off to Paycocke's House and Garden

and off into the garden.. the tulips were in full bloom and the mixture of varieties and colours was stunning!

First Speckled Wood of the season ..

We left via the coffee shop and the smells of coffee were wonderful.  Have to go back and try it!

Finally, a quick trip to Amwell... loads of Swifts and about 15 Common Terns.. amongst other things!

Great day out... :)

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