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Friday, 4 October 2013

A few birds at Rye Meads...

In anticipation of a musical weekend, I headed up the motorways (only stopped once to pay the toll on the M25!!!!!) and arrived at Rye Meads.  Was told on arrival that crows had sent the lapwings and Snipe up... the latter have gone off in two groups and didn't return whilst I was there...

So rather quiet..

A couple of the Water Buffaloes..

The Dad of the family of 4 mute swans

A grey Heron - gazed...

Cormorands - preened

Acorns - halved..

Red Berries - beamed...

Cygnets - lazed..

Mute swan - bent kneck..

Shoveller - paused from shovelling

Swans - bathed..

and it was gloriously warm for an October day... jeans and a t-shirt!!!

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