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Saturday, 12 October 2013

A three visit day....

Weather was foul at 4.00 a.m. this morning but as the day dawned it became sunny.

I headed off to Pulborough Brooks.  Had a slight altercation with a bossy woman in the visitor centre who insisted I display my 'sticker' and even tried to attach it to my camera strap when I backed away..... never know anyone so bossy and controlling!!  Hasn't she heard of invading someone's personal space!!!

Anyway... dozens of ducks and geese out on the water.... the sounds of Wigeon calling is always so good.

Cattle were grazing with some young ones having breakfast.  Some some Fallow Deer, some of which were so quiet in the woods I didn't know they were there until they bounded away as I passed them.

Nothing near enough in terms of birds to photograph though.

and from there onto, Nymans Gardens.
Regular visitors to my blog might notice that I've posted several pics before... tried to get a few different angles today.

I didn't fancy the soup today and wasn't that hungry.. so I had a very nice fruit scone with some jam (and perhaps a little cream as well!! - bang goes the diet!)

Still had a bit of time and the sun was still shining, so I called in at Warnham LNR on my way home.

Heard many robins during the course of the day but this is the only one that posed for a picture.

Blue and Great Tits attended the feeders and this Nuthatch was a fairly constant visitor... pity the light wasn't very good by now.

Very quiet out on the main lake... not even a Grey Heron or a Mallard... but a few gulls preened.

Hopefully tomorrow's forecast of rain will be wrong... hmmmmmm


Pete Duxon said...

you packed in a lot!! nice pics of Nyman's

oldcrow61 said...

I love Nyman gardens and the house. Really love it!

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