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Thursday, 10 October 2013

A short visit to NT Polesden Lacey

It was cold today - Autumn is definitely here with a brisk Northerly wind!

I needed to get out so I had a quick and impromptu visit to Polesden Lacey... signs of the beginning of Autumn were evident.  I headed over to the bird hide, but despite plentiful supplies of food in the feeders there wasn't  bird to be seen.

So a wander around the gardens...

After a quick bite to eat in the cafe, I visited the house which didn't open until 12.30...

it was quiet in terms of visitors which made photography easier; but some rooms are exceedingly dark as a protection for their contents.

and ... the notice advises what's happening in the following rooms:

and then off for some essential supplies before getting back home.....

Will have to accept that it's winter coat time now... got rather used to the warmer climes we've been enjoying recently!

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