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Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Sunday afternoon at Paycocke's House and Garden

The weather wasn't good today... heavy showers interspersed with sunshine.  Before we headed off to Paycocke's house in the afternoon....

At Amwell... briefly

'you watching me?'...

Had a quick look into Rye Meads... still dozens of Snipe about.. I've heard that over 200 have been seen there!

Paycocke's house and garden in somewhere I would feel comfortable living in.

The garden is small but very natural and incredibly peaceful.. when the weather permits, a quiet stroll and a book to read - lovely

There is also a tea-room and provides just drinks and cake.

So a cuppa and a piece of Victoria Sponge and Coffee&Walnut, shared was just the ticket.

Driving back the sky was as black as night and the rain torrential... I was glad Pete was driving today!  Not a pleasant task though.

Home for tea... as it were :D

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