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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lancing College Chapel and Chichester Cathedral

Today the weather is dreadful... very windy, grey and heavy rain spells.  It would have been so easy just to mooch around but I had to get out.

There is a craft fair on at Lancing College this weekend, so I decided to combine a visit to that with a wander around the Lancing College Chapel.     The Chapel's size, I may add, is bigger than some village churches.  And a really magnificent building!

The College and Chapel are positioned high on a hill, but because of a very main road, it's impossible to to get a distance shot.

I started off by the route into the college for the craft fair..

and then into the Chapel itself.  This is an amazing window and my picture doesn't do it justice.
The Huddlleston Memorial Window was given by the Huddleston Familily, the Friends of Lancing Chapel and Lancing College in memory of Bishop Trevor Huddleston CR OL.

Mel Howse created the window which was inspired by Trevor Huddleston's acclaimed book, 'Naught for your Comfort'.  It is position inside the entrance 'lobby'

and then inside the main part of the building

This window is amazing and very high up!

Well, that was the morning.  I hadn't been to Chichester Cathedral for a while so today's weather suggested it might be an appropriate time to go.

In the middle of the pedestrianised shopping area of the town, it's difficult to get far enough away for a decent picture and, as I've suggested, the weather, ergo the light, was dire!

A sculpture exhibition... not sure that it was to my taste, but some quite dramatic pieces.

Out into the Cloisters for a breath of fresh air.  This is also where the cafe is located.. but I didn't visit today.

The wind really kicked off again and the skies darkened.  Time to go home methinks... and tomorrow and Monday - gale force wind gusting to an anticipated 80 mph are forecast with heavy rain, and the risk of some flooding.   Oh I do love the onset of winter.... NOT!


ADRIAN said...

There are some stunning images here. There is also some dross. You could do some editing yourself.
It is not good to post stuff you must know isn't the best you can do.
We all take bad ones. I limit myself to 24 a day. I find it helps concentrate my mind.

Tricia Ryder said...

Adrian... I can't agree. Dross????

Pete Duxon said...


honestly don't worry i've looked at his blog and honestly there is a reason he limits himself

adrian constructive criticism OLD man constructive.

Tricia Ryder said...

and Adrian.. I think it's for me to judge what pictures I post on my own blog!!

Pete Duxon said...

trish - if you comments from saddo's like this delete them. the word is troll.

ADRIAN said...

Tricia, I didn't mean to be offensive. You southerners are obviously a bit more precious than I thought you were.
Don't worry you are off my read list.
You also use Capchur or whatever it is. I see your mate Pete has deleted his comments from my blog. What a wimp. We likes a good chat up here. Slag into each other something rotten we do.

Pete Duxon said...


i deleted my comments because you are aware that I know you are sad little man. By the way I learn you is terrible grammar. worse than my typos....


Sandra said...

Adrian, there's a difference between 'having a chat' and being rude, probably even where YOU are from. If you don't like Tricia's pictures, what ARE you doing here????

ADRIAN said...

I didn't mean to be cruel. My editors are brutal.
I wont'd be back. I was trying yo be helpful.

Tricia Ryder said...

Adrian.. not that you're likely to see this, but I accept your comment.

oldcrow61 said...

Who ever this Adrian is, he obviously wouldn't know excellent photography if it hit him in the face. I strongly object to his comments. You're a marvel Tricia my friend.

Tricia Ryder said...

OC - thank you so much, my friend.. :) at least I'm not alone in my annoyance.

Ragged Robin said...

I can't understand why anyone would wish to leave such horrible comments. In my view Tricia your photos are of your usual high standard and I really enjoyed the post and photos.

The cathedral and chapel are both beautiful and so well portrayed :)

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