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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Quiet at Pulborough Brooks. but a juvenile ??...

Despite it being grey and dull had a wander at Pulborough this morning.  Very quiet generally and the light for pics was really dreadful.

A few House Martins and Swallows wheeling around the fields.  Saw a juv Green Woodpecker and, which was a good spot, a Redstart. A few Long-tailed tits journeyed through the trees.

A sleepy rabbit was the first thing I saw.

One of the several herds of Fallow Deer

looks like on of this year's youngsters.

Water levels are down and apart fro the cattle here, it seemed to be mostly Canada Geese.

Now this one for me is a puzzle..... very young Willlow Warbler, or a Chiffchaff perhap?

A fellow birder called this as a hare?.... could it be?

and where is the water ?...

Underneath the feeders on the way out, a family of moorhens were 'mopping up.

Home for a bite to eat - was going out again but the rain started!!

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